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Adara Embroidered Indigo

Adara Embroidered Indigo

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Adara Embroidered Indigo

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Product Type: Fabric
Fabric Type: Embroidered
Design Type: Floral
Composition: 100% Polyester
Size: 144cm Overall Width
Vertical Pattern Repeat: 39cm


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Measuring Guide

How To Measure For New Curtains

Accurately measuring for curtains is a must if you want to get the right fit, whether you're shopping for easy-fit ready-made curtains or commissioning made to measure.

Curtain width measurements will depend on the length of your curtain track or pole, but measuring curtain length or 'drop' will be determined by where you'd like your drapes to end.

Use a metal tape measure for better accuracy and follow our guide on how to measure for curtains to get those dimensions right!

Measuring curtain width

When measuring width for a track, just simply measure the whole length of the track, we will do the calculations on our side depending what pleat you decide to go for.

When measuring width for a pole, just measure the length of the pole without the finials(fancy ends), we will do the calculation on our side depending what pleat you decide to go for.

1. Measure your track or pole

For the best performance, your curtain track or pole should be positioned approximately 15cm (6") higher than the window, and be wider than your window by 15-20cm (6-8") either side.

Curtain Track
Measure its full length, end to end.

Curtain Pole
Measure the pole length, not including the finials (the decorative pieces on the end).

Measuring curtain length (Drop)

Measuring the drop using a Track

Measuring the drop for a track depends on what track you have...

We would usually recommend measuring from the top of the track to your desired length. This can be adjusted slightly by the Header Tape row you choose to hang your curtain hooks from. Just remember that if you enter 200cm drop...your curtains will be 200cm long unless stated otherwise.

Measuring the drop using a Pole

We would recommend measuring from the top of the pole to your desired drop/length, we will do any necessary calculations on our side and add more fabric if and when required.

For example.. if you wanted eyelets and measured your drop to be 150cm, the actual length of your curtain will be 154-155cm, this extra 4-5cm will be from the top of the eyelet to the top of the curtain.


Measure at multiple points
Windowsills and floors are not always level, so measure at 2 or 3 points and use the smallest measurement to ensure the best fit.

Header tape
Pencil pleat curtains come with either a 3" or 6" header tape. Header tapes offer 3 or more rows on which to attach your hooks. Where your curtains stop will be impacted by the row you choose to hang your curtain hooks from. This allows some flexibility if your want to give the appearance of more length, without letting the hems down.
Any problems when measuring then please don't hesitate to get in touch, you can call us on 0800 2545 328 during office hours or email us at info@curtain-wizard.company, one of our team members will reply asap.